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Landform Investigation

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Science

Much like professional scientists, our class had some questions about landforms, erosion and deposition. So, we set out to find out “What Happens If”.

Students started by thinking about “How will changes in a river will affect erosion and deposition?”. Individually they came up with something they wondered about, a problem to investigate.

They then brought their idea to their science teams. As a group they chose one idea that they wanted to investigate. The investigation had to follow a scientific procedure. So they developed a problem, a hypothesis and a subsequent experiment to test the hypothesis.

Some of the problems they wanted to investigate were:

-What happens if the source of water starts on top of a mountain that floods

-How do dams change the flow of a river and the resulting deposition and erosion.

-How can do multiple dikes in a river affect the formation of deltas

-If blocked by a dam will a stream flow through a mountain or will it break through the dam (very popular choice)

-How does a flood affect a flood plain, even when streams are having their flow directed

They then developed a hypothesis, a materials list and a sequential procedure that had to be in my words “super, crazy specific”.

They then carried out their experiment and recorded the results. Some of our hypothesis were not nearly what we thought would happen but it was great to learn from.

The attached pictures show some of our before and after work.

Next week we will present our findings!


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Posted: September 14, 2011 in Science


We have begun to use our new foss kit on Landforms. This is a first time for me as my previous school did models and design as well as mixtures and solutions. The students were very engaged as they debated how to best represent our intermediate school as an overhead view. Take a look at them working so hard.