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Posted: October 18, 2011 in RLA
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As in many schools, Halloween is an up and coming event where the little children become little goblins and get all wound up and excited. I am currently trying to keep a lid on it, no big decorations yet even though I am greeted in the morning with the sound of “Mr. Howwwwiiiitt, why aren’t we setting uppp?” in the whiny tone that causes parents to cover their ears, shut their eyes and dream of quiet beaches and soft sand. My answer, mostly, is because often the party in the future becomes the focus of today. I am all for the little goblins dressing up, but it does not need to be a 2 week fiesta where every moring is halloweening. Of course then I started to think, what is Halloween about anyways? It has got to be more than me spending money on strangers kids to feed them…I could spend that money on my kids, or more importantly on me and my candy. So, before we get all focused on decorating, I think we should find out what this idea of Halloween is all about. So please, tell me what is Halloween, once we know that then we can worry about how to celebrate it.