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Your Job: Before 10:10 you must have the following on your blog.


Post 1: Introduce your Protagonist and Antagonist: Readers CAN NOT come to the hall to

read the picture so you must introduce them so that readers know who these characters are.


Post 2: The Message: What is the essential point of the story, what do you want readers to

take away. DO NOT JUST WRITE “my message is…”. Explain what a message is, why you

chose this one, why you feel it is important, what you are going to do to get the message

across (examples of how the message will be shown)


Post 3: Setting: Describe it. Explain why you chose it. Explain why it is a good setting for a fantasy to take place.


Post 4: What are your Problem and Solution: What is the main thing the character overcomes

and how do they do that.




Cody Howitt

5Th Grade Teacher

Singapore American School

Rm: i313  Phone: 6363-3406 Ext: 6236



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