Imagery in Poems

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
We all love to read poetry that evokes strong mental pictures.  The Imagery Poems Collection from the writers at My Word Wizard does just that. This wonderful assemblage of verse appeals to the senses as it uses language to paint pictures with words.
Imagery intensifies our experience with a poet’s writing as he or she illustrates for us with their words rather than just telling us what they are feeling.


The chilly weather settles into your bones.
Those once green leaves turn
Red, yellow, orange, and brown.
CRRNCH! go the leaves,,
Beneath  your feet.
The birds fly in a victory “V” formation,
To where the sun rules the skies.
The days of winter are lurking around
Waiting to be free falling.


The newborn flowers blossom
in all sizes and vivid colors.
When you walk by, their sweet
and luscious aromas ensnare you..
The beautiful butterflies titter
Around the light grassy areas.
The trees are full of lush, dark green leaves.
Spring is when you can really savor
the intense scent of nature.

My Summer Day

Blue green like a crayon is the glistening, warm water.
The brownish sand is warm between my welcoming toes.
The excited shouts of the little kids
As they send loud bursts of water at each other.
Assortment of tan bodies stretch along their beach,
A chain of diversity thriving in the sun..
The red, yellow, and blue kites
Gracefully dot the sky.
This is the life on the beach!

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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