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Look At You!!!

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Here is some of the art you are doing. amazing!!


Points or Points

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I was just thinking, “You know what is awesome? Points.”

So , here is my thought, how about we get rid of table points and move to whole class points. What do you think?

The voting through the pole will decide.

Happiness Is…a conversation

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Thoughts

Have you ever wondered what happiness is? It can be a lot of things. Sometimes it is a reassuring touch, a gift perhaps a high five from a friend. Maybe for you it is finishing that level on a video game, knowing you are now on level 2!

For me today, happiness is a conversation. I took the opportunity today to talk with our schools superintendent. If you are not sure what a superintendent is, they are the person who over sees all school functioning. They are the educational leader for a school or district. They help decide policy, employee teachers, in basic sense they are the big boss.

Being that I am new to this school I still have new person questions. You know, like many of you do when you start a new grade in school. Students often have “My last teachers…” or “In my old class…” questions. People become use to a certain way of doing something. I was use to doing things a certain way from my old school in Shanghai. So when I came here I assumed that the same would be true in Singapore.  So teachers are the same. Kids become use to their old teachers, teacher become use to old schools. We have “In my old school…” and “Back in this school we…” statements instead of ” My old teacher’.

I was having one of these days.  I had some questions about they way things were. Now as a lesson there are two ways to handle things. The first is to sit, and worry and talk with people who really can not answer your question. They other choice, is to go ask someone who can provide you some answers. So that is what I did, I went and asked my questions. I know, I am now the example of going out and being brave. In future comic books it will be me, spiderman and wolverine sitting around, drinking coffee and walking baout how awesome we are.

My superintendent Brent Mutsch was really positive, welcoming and took the time to really address what I was asking. More importantly, our conversation got me to reflect on what we talked about. Leaving I was really happy, one of those, bounce in your step moments when you realize something so you are really, fundamentally and whole happy.

At any rate, our discussion was very good and I left understanding more about the “whys” of my new school.

As a student have you ever had any big “why do we questions”? What did you do about it? Share some of your experiences.

Landform Investigation

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Science

Much like professional scientists, our class had some questions about landforms, erosion and deposition. So, we set out to find out “What Happens If”.

Students started by thinking about “How will changes in a river will affect erosion and deposition?”. Individually they came up with something they wondered about, a problem to investigate.

They then brought their idea to their science teams. As a group they chose one idea that they wanted to investigate. The investigation had to follow a scientific procedure. So they developed a problem, a hypothesis and a subsequent experiment to test the hypothesis.

Some of the problems they wanted to investigate were:

-What happens if the source of water starts on top of a mountain that floods

-How do dams change the flow of a river and the resulting deposition and erosion.

-How can do multiple dikes in a river affect the formation of deltas

-If blocked by a dam will a stream flow through a mountain or will it break through the dam (very popular choice)

-How does a flood affect a flood plain, even when streams are having their flow directed

They then developed a hypothesis, a materials list and a sequential procedure that had to be in my words “super, crazy specific”.

They then carried out their experiment and recorded the results. Some of our hypothesis were not nearly what we thought would happen but it was great to learn from.

The attached pictures show some of our before and after work.

Next week we will present our findings!


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This week was a big week for our planet. We had our 7th billion person born. That is a lot of people. When I look around I start to wonder, what does this 7th billion person look like. Additionally I wonder, hmm, if an alien landed and wanted to get a general idea of what we humans look like, who would this person be?

National Geographic has compiled a video that outlines who this typical person would be. And in many cases…they used math to find the answer! Woo Hoo! MATH!

Additionally, they go on with the video to get you to think. They compare some interesting facts that make you wonder, “Why?”.

Take a look and tell me what you think.