Student blogs

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, we are making them. It seems that somethings always go slower when you want it the most. The students do have their own blogs now, but the are still in the process of setting them up. It seems that careful typing of address into blog rolls and getting widgets activated takes longer than one would think. Hopefully we will have them going this week.

  1. spower1 says:

    Dear Mr Howitt
    Great to see you out in the world!
    I am in a 5th grade class now and Bill pointed out that you had left a comment on his blog……Lovely to finally see you online.
    Do you need a hand down there? Perhaps a tech teacher?
    Wondering why you used and not your schools network?
    I see you have the edublogs install….very nice!

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