Math reviewing with Mia and Saaya!

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

As we wrap up our second unit of study I started to think , how can we better show what we actually know? It is very easy to hand out papers for students to reveiw and do problems as practice, and there is a place for that. Alternativly though, the students could be teachers, and they could not only practice questions but more importantly they could talk through their thinking as they explain to the world how to solve some math problems. Now as the teacher I wanted to to have some targetted skills. I asked them to share how you solve the following:

– Addition and Subtraction with decimals

– Multiplication with decimals

– Lattice multiplication

– Showing expanded notation

– Measures of central tendency (Mode, Median, Range, Min, Max)

– Word Problems

All students worked in pairs and created a catelogue of answers. In reality I can could post every video they made but that is not quite sensible. So this time I selected quiet randomly and have Saaya and Mia to share with you this time. If we made mistakes, allow us to have them, as we are learning to and part of learning is builing on mistakes and improving from them.


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